Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Passing of "Lick"

Today was a beautiful day for photos..though I was feeling very lazy, and decided not to get far from home.  My pug had a litter of pups 9 weeks ago, and I thought I'd let them stay out and play in the den today. 

The three boys, Billy, Lick, and Bubba have been growing quickly in the past few weeks.  Lick was aptly named because every time you picked him up, he immediately began licking your face until you just had to put him down.  He  liked toes, too, and never failed to find the closest ones.  They were all eating and drinking on their own, and had started on their potty training.

Later this afternoon, Lick was a little sleepier than the others, and I picked him up to hold him.  He immediately had a seizure.  Two more in the next few minutes led me to start looking for answers on the internet.  His shots were up to date, deworming was done, and everything seemed to be fine.  Then he gasped for breath and died in my arms.  I buried him in my garden, where my beloved pets have been laid before him.

His brothers haven't missed him yet.  So I sit and shed tears for the great dog he was growing up to be.  No answers, no reasons that I can give.  Mother Nature can be cruel, but she takes care of the little ones..

Rest in Peace, little Lick, we will all miss you.

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  1. So sorry for little Lick. Well it's now Fall of 2012, so how are the other little ones doing? Little bundles of fat love and joy I'm sure!!