Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Dream has begun!

Today I was notified that one of my photos will be featured in the Paint Shop Cafe' at Chattanooga's Volkswagen Plant.  After entering an employee contest that was to show my interpretation of "Green City, Green Plant, Green Car", I chose this photo for several reasons. 

Looking through hundreds of photos (remember that luck photographer phase) I came upon the folder with the photos that were taken at the Enterprise Nature Park right after our January 10 snow.  I thought about the feelings that I had while hiking through the woods, looking for the deer that had left their footprints in the snow.  The sun was shining, the trees stood tall in their canopies over the snow, and it was just darn peaceful.
Then I thought about where I was.  Not 1/2 mile from me was Interstate 75, traveling from our North to our South, and is the busiest highway in our area.  Over the hill, and visible from the trailhead was Chattanooga's new Volkswagen plant, which would soon produce hundreds of thousands of cars and provide hundreds of jobs for Chattanooga.  I stood still in this place.  There was a dry creek bed, which will have water running as the spring rains start.  The trees, one of our greatest resources, were standing tall and straight. And the sun, our best source of energy, was shining brightly through the trees.  And the best part of all?  There wasn't a single sound that could be was "a quiet green".

"A Quiet Green"

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