Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Being a part of a dream - observing through the lens

When you wake up in the morning with a plan, you never know what will happen. You have a time, a place, and an itinerary... then you wait for the results.

Sunday morning was one of those days. Scheduling completed, phone calls made, equipment ready - out the door! I attended a Lady Mocs girls softball game at Frost Park. Loved music that played on the loud speakers. With an overcast sky, I was able to shoot some really good action shots from my spot behind third base. No brightness issues..overexposure was not going to happen..ballgame over, next stop. The Chattanooga Choo-choo for an engagement shoot with friends from Cookeville. Timing was perfect, the sun was peeking out, and I had already scoped out the spots I wanted to shoot from. Perfection! Great couple to work with, they were funny, and in love!

It was then that fate stepped in..not necessarily for the three of us. I had seen a young couple sitting in the gazebo, talking quietly, sitting closely.. the gentleman called out to me as we walked by, asking if I would shoot a couple of pictures of them. Of course, I agreed - I just love "LOVE"! So I got them to stand together, holding each other, and shot a few photos. And then, he said, "I have a photographer, and I have witnesses..no better time than this!" And all of a sudden......

I dropped to my knees and started shooting! No time for concern in a blown out overcast sky - I was so in the moment! And she said yes, and they hugged, and I wanted to cry, just because I was able to be a part of their future! I was the one that got to capture the moment..and I realized why I love the camera..it allows you to be a part of someone's life, part of God's nature, and in doing so it makes you feel good. Copngratulations, you two!

Scott, Lynn, Anthony, and Yolnique - old friends and our new friends!

Then it was time for a trip downtown. A trip to a local restaurant, and over my shoulder I see an amazing miracle..a little girl, so tiny, sleeping on the shoulder of someone who loves her so. And of course, being interested in capturing everything I see, I ask to photograph her. Her mom and dad agreed, and this is what we got..

After finishing up the day with a walk through Coolidge Park, I headed home with a good feeling inside..I had a beautiful day, good friends, new friends, miracles, surprises..and most of all, I was lucky to be part of a dream..through the lens..I'm living my dreams.

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