Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking for Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a castle..well, not SO far away, because I got there in three hours, but not in Dayton, TN either. The castle was white, with twin towers and a curved stair. At the top, in the window - Taylor Swift singing a song..nah, just another visitor. Anyway, arriving in my new location, I scoped out the opportunities - jobs, relationships, modes of transportation. First, I moved into my new home.

Then for the job hunt. Not a lot of options are available, but there was a nice bunch of girls that said I could go to work with them. They called themselves wenches, but I had too many teeth to work in their laundry business.

Then I could join the group of falconers, wear a nice hat, and perform in front of lots of people. But the gloves you have to wear are unattractive, and I'm not real fond of having big birds flying over my head! So though they are fun to watch, not so much fun to be.

I could sell bling to the consumers, maybe work for that really cute guy in the corner booth. I took a picture of him so I could remember those dreamy eyes if he closed up shop and moved away.

Or maybe I could open a hat shop, because EVERYONE wears a hat of some kind..I even have a good inventory to start with - see?

I finally decided just to become the queen of the castle, a lady in a long dress that squeezed the heck out of you, but made you look really skinny...

(to be continued..stay tuned for my preview of eligible bachelors I met while looking for Prince Charming)

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