Monday, August 6, 2012

Taking another step forward

Baby steps - that's how we learn how to walk.. and how to live! Learning where we belong in this world can sometimes be a treacherous trail, much like a hike up a steep mountain. Unfortunately, sometimes the rocks slide out from under our feet, or we slip on a slick rock, and we land flat on our behinds. It is at that point that we have to decide whether to sit there until we get a hand up, or pick ourselves up and move on. I have been slipping and sliding quite a bit lately, but when I walk, I have been afraid to step out. Baby steps were a safe way to avoid disappointment and failure. I have spent a lot of the last four days - short vacation from the money job - trying to decide if I had grown enough to walk alone. I have spent the day with a man and woman who were ready to commit their lives to each other on a mountain in front of friends and family - and God! I know he was there, because he held my hand through a lot of it.
I have been witness to a man and a woman just getting started their life together. I was just in the right place at the right time..sometimes photography is a little bit of luck!
Children are such a gift! I was given a gift by my daughter Sarah two years ago..a wonderful mini of her mother, some of her Aunt Meg, and most of her very own self. She loves the neurotic yorkie, is a master of her mother's Ipad, and can get her way with a smile or a tear. She has been my favorite subject, both posed and candid, and I have caught her in most of her milestones.
Through all of these wonderful people, I haven't forgotten that I love a walk in the woods or along the water's edge more than anything. How nice it will be to photograph my next customers in one of my favorite nature spots! I'm ready to go, and to grow. We never stop growing, unless we lose our dreams.. I've taken baby steps to get to that point, but now I'm ready to run! My family and my friends that have encouraged this step are the wind beneath my wings..I hope I don't disappoint you. I love you all!

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