Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finding a new direction for the new year..

As the year 2011 is coming to a close, I'm thankful that 2012 is giving me the chance to go in another direction..the one I have traveled this year has only taken me in a circle.

We will start with a new job..a new challenge! I always loved a challenge..unless it involves a very steep hill with a waterfall on the top. I'm leaving behind almost two years of knowledge, but in leaving it behind, my only regret is the people who have become my everyday friends. Some are only a familiar face, while some know of my shortcomings and of my strengths. These will probably see a tear in my eye as I leave them, but I hope they will remain in my life as I move on.

Then there is my photography..I try to learn something new everyday. There are websites that teach you tips and tricks to use the lens of your camera to show the world a whole new perspective. The underside of a mushroom, the backside of a horse that is usually viewed from the front..maybe a broken side mirror of an old, rusty car with the reflection of a blue,sunny sky in it. When we pick up a camera to shoot, we see the same thing with or without the viewfinder. We take photographs to present our view to someone else. We draw the attention of another person with another point of view. We can present our point without a single word. Photography is an amazing language, and it needs no interpreter. I will continue to learn to share this language with anyone who chooses to listen..

This has been a year of low times and good times..it has been full of friends and quiet to the point of dismal. I have pushed myself to explore both situations and relationships..some of which have flourished, and some which have stalled at the starting gate. Being alone with yourself is what so many people yearn for, until they are there. I am thankful for the family and friends that always seem to show their love at just the right times..this year will be better, my horoscope says so....

I've watched sunrises and sunsets, watched the birds on the water, longed for the sound of an ocean wave, and climbed mountaintops. Next year I will see more of what nature has to offer, and search out the seldom seen miracles that God has given us. I will make new friends and keep the old. As my children grow up, they grow farther away from home, but closer to my heart. They will accomplish great things, and realize their dreams.

In the coming year I will touch an ocean wave and photograph the foam it leaves behind. I will climb a mountain top, and stand in awe of another waterfall. And I will attempt to make every day count, learning something new every day - and I will be happy...

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  1. I raise my glass in toast to the coming year, the new experiences and to great friends to share it with, in which I count you at the top!